Snapshot Photobooth Creates Custom Ads for Guests of Microsoft ~ Snapshot Photobooth

We were thrilled to work with the talented crew at wunderman to design and produce custom ads for all the guests at the Microsoft AGM.

The ads we created were based on the Microsoft Cloud campaign.  We incorporated our Snapshot Photobooth to capture the images of guests and then added their tag lines to finish the image off.

In essence it turned into a giant brainstorming session for Microsoft as employees came up with witty and innovative tag lines to accompany some truly creative photos.

BizBash included a small write up of the Snapshot Photobooth here.

Microsoft was extremely pleased with the results and indicated that they would be utilizing the resulting ads to decorate their office space.

Some of the sample ads, finished photos and the set up:

A Group Ad
Finalized Prints in Custom Printed Folders
The Set Up