Sophie 4 Months ~ Toronto Baby Photography

Well here it is Sophie’s 4 month mark!  They say “Enjoy them while they are small as they grow up so fast”.  I can’t echo enough how true this is!  Can’t believe our little one is growing so fast.  She is now completely fascinated by her hands and as you will see in the photos they are always very close to her mouth.  Teething is next on the agenda – I am sure!  Sophie received some very awesome Converse high tops and a beautiful teal tutu that she loves.  Thank you to all who have given Sophie such beautiful gifts.  We are loving every minute with our precious little Sophie.



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4 Replies to “Sophie 4 Months ~ Toronto Baby Photography”

  1. Beautiful photos…all three of you look great but, especially little Sophie who is growing by the minute…thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the colours and the myriad of expressions you have captured.
    Sophie’s photo in the white hat, next to the gorgeous window shot is a classic!

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