Eve + Vito – Snapshot Photobooth

The Royalton in Woodbridge provided an exquisite venue for Eve and Vito’s spectacular wedding celebration. Snapshot Photobooth was provided with our very own room outside the beautifully decorated Countess Ballroom. It was a treat to enjoy a deluxe private space for the photo booth. The Royalton staff headed by¬†Mario De Cicco were very friendly and accommodating and ensured that all guests were very well taken care of.

Eve and Vito selected the Snapshot Strip Format, which captures 4 pictures in the classic photobooth 2″ x 6″ strip. This casual and playful choice was a great format for this group of fun family and friends. The guests were enthusiastic and had a blast creating original poses and sequences. The Snapshot Photobooth was a great wedding gift from Eve’s co-workers!

Wedding photography was provided by Alan C Lee Photography the ‘stealthy ninjas with cameras’. The guys hopped in the Snapshot booth for a minute to bust a few moves and show us how it’s done.

A Snapshot Photobooth FIRST- the ‘Tie-eating’ Shot.

The dry-erase board was put to good use for the ‘Mug-Shot’. Nice use of props!

This was an affectionate group with a great sense of humour. The evening featured lots of hugs, kisses and laughter.

Finally we bring you Vincey, who kicked off the reception dinner by driving the flower girl into the ballroom in a battery powered red jeep. He assured us he is a very experienced driver with four similar rides at home. Vince was a popular player in the booth over the evening, and let it all hang out as the night progressed. When we left he was passed out in his Dad’s lap.

What a night!

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