Backyard fun! – My Grandmother’s 90th birthday

With the weather cooling down and the inevitable start of fall I found myself seeking out some sunnier days on my hard drive.

In July my family celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday!  What a feat!  Nanna Bersa is still going strong and very much the vibrant woman she has always been.

She has been married to my grandfather Tarcisio for 68 years.  Yet another spectacular accomplishment.

Everyone brought food and I ended up playing with my cousin Daniela’s kids in the backyard.   After this mini shoot we ended up playing a great game of soccer.  What a fun day!

2 Replies to “Backyard fun! – My Grandmother’s 90th birthday”

  1. Hi Keith

    Its me Myra one of the twins in Malta. Just seen the photos of auntie bersa and uncle cis and the rest of the family. They are
    awesome. You really are one great photographer. keep it up. love cousin Myra.

  2. I also have seen these Wonderful Photos which I agree with Myra are Fantasticly Stupendous. They are some of the BEST I have ever seen on Facebook.!!!!!

    Love to all

    Cousin Alfred

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